Over nine million UK homes – more than one third – are now connected to the internet, according to a recent survey by researcher Netvalue. During the latter half of 2000, some 1.4m households logged onto the internet for the first time.

The latest home usage data ranks Britain (37.2% penetration) ahead of Germany (30.2%),and France (20%), albeit significantly lagging Denmark (48.8%) and the USA.(52.6%).

On average in March, Britons connected to the web from home on twenty-four occasions, the highest number of log-ins to date. The divide between male and female usage is also narrowing with just under five million women venturing online from home during the month compared with 7.76 million men.

The nation’s Top Ten websites during March were:

1. MSN
2. AOL TimeWarner
3. Yahoo
4. Microsoft
5. Freeserve
6. Lycos
7. BBC
8. Ask
10. Amazon

BT's online version of Yellow Pages, Yell.com ,was the most popular directory site and the tenth most active advertiser in March, rankings that bode well for its expected sale or flotation.

News source: BBC Online Business News (UK)