In an imaginative pairing, two of the globe's best known brands - sportswear colossus Nike and Apple - are to unite in a joint branding deal targeting runners.

The duo plan to launch a system that links Nike's Air+ Zoom Moire running shoes to Apple's iPod nano digital music players. Not only will the gizmo enable joggers to gasp-along to the latest hits, it will also tell them how far and how fast they have run plus the number of calories incinerated.

Nike's vp of global brand management Trevor Edwards is clearly aware that the mega-brands are onto a winner: "We know that these two brands work really well together. We share the same types of consumers."

The kit, priced at around $29 (€22.58; £15.42) is slated for launch in the next two months. It will include a small transmitter that fits inside the running shoe and a receiver that attaches to the iPod. Users will then be able to view running data on the iPod's screen or listen to audio messages via their headphones.

A neat marketing touch is a Nike website that enables users to download their daily running data to an online diary at

In addition, Nike will offer a range of sportswear specifically designed to accommodate iPods.

Data sourced from Financial Times Online; additional content by WARC staff