NEW YORK: Facebook is to offer its publishing partners Nielsen metrics comparable to those for TV – while another television network has opted to offer advertisers the opportunity to buy audiences outside traditional Nielsen metrics.

Facebook has opened up its Instant Articles facility to all publishers and, as part of that development, is collaborating with Nielsen to enable measurement via the latter's Digital Content Ratings product, part of its Total Audience Measurement framework.

"We've been laser-focused on delivering Nielsen's Total Audience Measurement to the market and continue to work closely with Facebook and others as they evaluate their Digital Content Ratings data and the insights it offers," said Megan Clarken, President of Product Leadership at Nielsen.

Digital Content Ratings provides daily measurement of audiences across all digital content types and platforms, with metrics fully comparable to television.

The world of television, however, is becoming less reliant on Nielsen metrics, as evidenced by a succession of TV companies prepared to offer advertising deals based on their own data gathered from set-top boxes and the like.

NBCUniversal is the latest to take this step, Variety reported, utilising its Audience Targeting Platform to guarantee delivery of specific audiences – such as households with an income over $100,000 and a car lease set to expire in six months – and a promise to make good any shortfall.

According to Mike Rosen, EVP/advertising sales at NBCU's news and Hispanics groups, this is an area that is only going to grow.

"We think that not only are clients already doing it, but they will do more of it, and dedicate a larger portion of their spend [to such deals]," he said. "We think the number of advertisers that will want to participate will expand as well."

Viacom, Turner Broadcasting and 21st Century Fox are also offering advertising deals based on measurement data other than those supplied by Nielsen.

Data sourced from Nielsen, Variety; additional content by Warc staff