NEW YORK: Online advertising continues its success story with growth of 35% in 2006, reveals the latest data from Nielsen Monitor-Plus. US advertising as a whole climbed 4.6% to $139 billion (€104.5bn; £70.96bn).

The figures also reveal a strong performance by spot television in the top 100 markets, which grew 9%, while Spanish-language national TV and outdoor advertising notched an 8% increase.

Media that lost ground in 2006 included business-to-business magazines (-0.2%), network radio (-2.5%) and local newspapers (-3.5%).

Budgets among the top ten advertisers were up just 1% to $17.9bn. Six of them spent more in 2006, including top marketer Procter & Gamble (+1.1%), and telco AT&T (+ 44.5%).

The biggest growth categories for 2006 included pharmaceutical, which grew 15%, wireless telephone services (+10.5%) and direct response products (+10%).

Product placements in prime-time network TV programs decreased to 79,701 from 102,793 in 2005.

Data sourced from Adweek (USA); additional content by WARC staff