NEW YORK: The Nielsen Company is now supplying advertisers on the National Geographic Channel with second-by-second viewership information.

The new system, branded Nielsen DigitalPlus, not only provides data on how many people view a given commercial, it also tracks whether they switch or turn-off while the commercial is on-air.

The latter data is especially useful as it enable marketers to decide whether their ad slot is best run at the start, middle or end of a commercial break

Says NGC's svp for Research and Digital Media Brad Dancer: "We're committed to using both syndicated and proprietary research to get a richer understanding of what resonates with our viewers to help focus our marketing and programming efforts.

"[The system] gives us unique advantages in reaching our targeted audiences because it offers a direct link between STBs (set top boxes) in subscriber homes and STBs in its People Meter panels, enabling Nielsen to provide context for the raw STB data and integrate it with a wealth of other datasets."

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