NEW YORK: Given that the concept of data warehousing has been around for more than a couple of decades, the only surprise surrounding The Nielsen Company's launch of NielsenConnect is the long delay in bringing the product to market.

Inaugurated earlier this week, NielsenConnect is a compendium of interrelated key data: TV, radio and outdoor ratings plus instore and video statistics.

It offers a suite of six resource segments, all playing under the baton of Jon Mandel, former chief of strategic solutions at Group M USA, recruited last November to orchestrate the new service.

The six segments comprise:

  • NielsenCombine
    Connecting information from multiple sources (including inhouse and external research data) to understand people's consumption patterns and attitudes.

  • NielsenConnections
    The service evaluates consumers' activity across media by product usage, via the integration of data contained in multiple databases - from Nielsen panels to external research, including client proprietary studies.

  • NielsenHealth
    A provider of 'consumer centric' analytical tools enabling users to more effectively understand and address the attitudes and behaviours of patients and physicians as consumers in the marketplace.

  • NielsenTrend
    This delivers a cross-functional approach to data integration through an intelligence network on global trends, consumer attitudes and behaviour. It will be launched in 2008.

  • NielsenLinx
    A service to help marketers, retailers, media and advertising agencies to organize and manage brands, locations and media data.

  • Nielsen In-Store
    Measurement of consumers' exposure to instore marketing vehicles, including TV and radio, at-shelf ads, digital signage and other point-of-purchase displays. Co-developed with the In-Store Marketing Institute.
Panegyrizes Mandel: "NielsenConnect is bringing together a remarkable assortment of research services, consumer-behaviour databases and insights to help clients look forward and understand the trends that will affect their business.

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