NEW YORK: TV viewing data, already in glut, is set to become yet more copious with the latest product from The Nielsen Company: Nielsen DigitalPlus, a service that chews, ingests and disgorges yet more statistics about Americans' viewing habits.

Initially restricted to cable and satellite TV operators, NDP will create new insights and services for clients by integrating set-top box data with other Nielsen numbers, including national and local TV ratings produced by Nielsen Media Research.

It will also overlay Nielsen Monitor-Plus ad tracking data and consumer purchasing information from ACNielsen into its analysis, additionally offering modeling and forecasting capabilities.

NDP svp Jed Meyer was in hype overdrive: "With our wide array of media and marketing information services, expertise in advanced technology, and experience working with large volumes of data, Nielsen is uniquely positioned to help clients unlock the potential of set-top box data."

Pausing only to draw breath, he continued: "As the industry begins to analyze and use the vast amount of information available through these devices, Nielsen will work with clients to develop comprehensive solutions to this new frontier of measurement. We are intensely focused on using all our resources to succeed in this challenge."

Nielsen is not alone in offering set-top box analysis. TNS Media Intelligence is working with cable network clients in the Los Angeles area, while in New York ErinMedia is similarly involved.

Data sourced from AdWeek (USA); additional content by WARC staff