The latest concept in niche television -- The Advert Channel, upcoming in September on BSkyB -- could be matched in the narcissism stakes only by a colo-rectal surgeon conducting a self-examination.

The channel will be dedicated to the wonderful world of advertising, including interviews with industry notables. It also purports to target a consumer audience and will feature a combination of ads from the 1960s onward, live studio discussions and behind-the-scenes documentaries of the filming of commercials.

TAC will be available free to Sky Digital subscribers on channel 694 funded, it hopes, by nine minutes of commercial airtime hourly. Other hoped-for revenue streams are themed strands and viewer phone-ins.

Says the venture's co-backer, someone called Chelsey Baker who doubles as an actress and dabbles as a producer: "For the advertising industry, we hope the channel will become a showcase for the best work and talent. We'll be dedicating in-depth programming to the industry and speaking to the key players from the world of advertising."

No budget needed for appearance fees, then.

Data sourced from: BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff