New research from the VIPer consortium suggests that newspapers are proving less popular among Britain’s AB social grouping than before.

Just 36% of the VIPer research panel, consisting of 1,000 people aged 25–54 from the AB demographic, include reading a newspaper in their day-to-day routine, with nearly one-quarter reading a daily paper less frequently than they did five years ago.

The most popular broadsheet among VIPers is The Times, followed by the Daily Telegraph. Respondents indicated that objective coverage and trust were crucial in choosing a paper, and 45% said broadsheets fulfilled these criteria.

Other findings include:

* Newspaper supplements are more popular - 49% of female VIPers read them during the week, while 26% of all respondents said they were relevant to their lifestyles.

* 60% have internet access at home (up almost 60% on five years ago), while 62% have computers at home.

* 56% use email; 41% text messages.

* 76% tune in to commercial radio at least once a week, with the average daily listening time among that segment at 84 minutes – up 6% on last year.

The VIPer consortium was set up by Media Planning Group, Classic FM, More Group, Channel 4, Times Newspapers and Condé Nast.

News source: CampaignLive (UK)