According to German news magazine Der Spiegel, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is no longer a contender for KirchMedia, the bankrupt TV and broadcast rights arm of Leo Kirch’s collapsed empire.

But for other observers, WAMN among them, Murdoch’s interest in KirchMedia waned to zilch some while back, their names not being coupled since April [WAMN: 17-Apr-02]. The same applies to the Berlusconi fiefdom Mediaset, a former consortium co-member with NewsCorp, reports Der Spiegel

The magazine, however, has inside track. It insists that consortia other than the three currently sitting round the poker table [WAMN: 13-Aug-02] remain waiting in the wings and could take aboard new partners before a deal is finally struck. Der Spiegel is itself a member of one of these syndicates.

They'll have to move fast. KirchMedia administrators say they intend to complete the auction by the end of August.

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