BRAD (British Rate & Data), long the bible of UK planners and buyers of traditional media, must look to its laurels so far as online ad data is concerned.

Poised to launch in opposition to its established rival is WordOnline, claiming to be one of the largest online directories of ad-hosting websites. Its listings cover over 35,000 sites worldwide, with data on ad inventory, site traffic and rates. This far exceeds BRAD’s current coverage which is confined to just 1,200 UK-based sites.

Scheduled to launch in January, WordOnline says it is in consulation both with traditional and new-media agencies to form a steering committee to ensure that the final product meets industry needs.

Says managing director Paul Slight: “Customers will be charged a subscription rate of £2,500 per year. They should feel that it enables them to achieve quicker, more targeted campaigns for their clients. It's a time saver."

News source: CampaignLive (UK)