PARIS: Smartphones and tablets are having a mixed impact on how European consumers use other media channels like the fixed-line internet and broadcast television, a report has revealed.

This finding resulted from a survey by Orange, the telecoms provider, and TNS, the research firm, of 5,000 adults in France, Poland, Spain and the UK. In all, 44% of respondents in the UK said they used mobile media like the wireless internet, as did 28% in France, 27% in Spain and 18% in Poland.

Over 70% of this audience in the first three markets had a smartphone, falling to 31% for the Polish panel.

At present, 55% of people involved in this kind of activity are male, 58% are under 35 years old and 68% are in full employment, alongside 16% in education.

When discussing advertising, 71% of Polish interviewees were interested in at least one mobile ad format, a total reaching 68% for their Spanish counterparts, 67% in the UK and 59% in France.

Coupons, alerts for special promotions or sales, sponsored screen savers and ads for tickets and reservations were among the most popular such tools.

In Spain, 14% of individuals using mobile media logged on via a tablet, ahead of the UK's 11%, France's 7% and Poland's 2%.

Some 95% of the tablet audience utilised these gadgets at home, standing at 79% for smartphones. However, 60% of smartphone owners used their device on the move or at work, declining to 27% of tablet users.

Overall, the analysis suggested that participants generally engaged with handsets like the iPhone to "kill time", but turned to the iPad and alternative offerings to "save time".

More broadly, smartphone subscribers registered a 16% increase in their web usage on a laptop or PC since buying this device, whereas tablet owners recorded a 13% contraction.

Similarly, the smartphone audience reported a 4% improvement in the amount of time they spent watching live television on a TV set, often consuming these two media channels simultaneously.

By contrast, tablet owners delivered a 4% decrease. Precisely 33% of people possessing a slate used it to access video-on-demand services, hitting 36% for streaming content and 38% for watching live TV.

Data sourced from Orange; additional content by Warc staff