BEIJING: Li Ning, the Chinese sportswear giant, is aiming to reinvent its brand in a bid to connect with a "new breed" of consumers that is emerging in the country.

The company, which was established in the early 1990s, recently updated its logo, and its insignia is now argued to represent the organisation's adoption of a more "global perspective".

Similarly, Li Ning has modified its tagline from "Anything is Possible" to "Make the Change" in an effort to reflect this change in positioning.

Zhang Zhiyong, Li Ning's ceo, said this strategy was based on three years of research into the developing habits of shoppers, and would help engage a new demographic, "generation one creators."

"These people have global visions. They love innovations. They demand high product quality. They are giving new meanings to sports," he reported.

"To gain their recognition, we need to become more sensitive ... more energetic and have a stronger personality.

"People will gradually notice that the Li Ning brand is evolving into a young man with light-hearted wit, who is true to life, curious and inventive."

As part of this process, the corporation has rolled out a number of offerings, such as the Athletic Pro range for professional athletes and the Urban Sports label aimed at people living in cities.

The Crossover luxury range, which featured the input of Chinese and international designers, has also been introduced to stores.

"The new design and slogan are part of Li Ning's business target to differentiate itself from its peers, including Nike," Billy Chen, an analyst at Core Pacific Yamaichi International in Hong Kong, said.

"The company is also attempting to boost its brand value."

Data sourced from Li Ning; additional content by Warc staff