NEW YORK: Marketers, agencies, publishers and ad tech providers must "reach across the aisle" to help solve common problems and maximize the impact of new technology for brands, according to Amanda Richman of Starcom.

Richman, who serves as Starcom's president/investment and activation, discussed this topic at the ad:tech San Francisco conference.

"There is so much opportunity to bring together advertising and technology to build richer experiences," she said. (For more, including recommendations for bridging the advertising/technology gap, read Warc's exclusive report: Starcom's Richman: bridge technology and advertising.)

"Never before have advertising and technology been more aligned than [at] this time … But, also, they've never been more at odds."

One example of this is that many tech entrepreneurs believe keeping their services free from ads represents the "holy grail" - a trend exemplified by the founders of messaging tool WhatsApp.

Even when marketing messages are permitted, the industry is grappling with issues such as viewability, ad fraud and measurement consistency.

The solution, for Richman, involves all key stakeholders - including agencies, brands, media owners and tech groups - collectively tackling the current shortcomings.

Such operators, she asserted, should "reach across the aisle to bring together the industries; to focus on more exclusivity; to focus more on how we can work together on solving common problems; to focus on getting to a common language."

Richman received the 2015 Industry Achievement Award at the ad:tech San Francisco conference in recognition of her established record of creating powerful experiences for clients.

Drawing on a remit which includes cross-channel media investment spanning video, publishing, display, sports, social, mobile, outdoor, commerce, search and local marketplaces, she also offered a defence of emerging tech.

"People are sometimes too quick to point the finger at the new, nascent industry of digital, and entrenchment starts to happen," said Richman.

The ad:tech agenda also featured leading executives from Cadillac, UnderArmour, Guardian News & Media, Charles Schwab, Nestlé Purina and Electrolux. Further reports from the event will be available on Warc soon.

Data sourced from Warc