The Big Apple’s new broadsheet, the New York Sun, will hit the city’s newsstands on April 16 at a price of 50 cents.

Backed partially by Lord Conrad Black – the recently ennobled Canuck controller of media group Hollinger International [WAMN: 29-Nov-01] – the Sun will shine five days a week, with an initial distribution of about 60,000.

Editor Seth Lipsky, a one-time Wall Street Journal editor, and managing editor Ira Stoll have assembled a team of about twenty to put the paper together. Some of the journalists were casualties of recent media failures and Talk magazine.

Lipsky intends to position the paper on the political middle ground, while the opinion pages will have a “center-right” slant. Priority will be given to stories about New York, filling a void the Sun claims was created by the New York Times’ decision to become a national paper.

“We will seek an audience in all five boroughs,” continued Lipsky, “and aim to produce a newspaper for serious New Yorkers who are participants in the political, commercial, cultural, sporting and spiritual life of this city.”

The paper is owned by SL LLC, a group set up by Lipsky and Stoll last September and backed by Black and a number of New York investors.

Data sourced from: BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff