SAN FRANCISCO: Newly appointed Yahoo ceo Carol Bartz (pictured) lived up to her reputation as a feisty, no-nonsense, hands-on executive, when on Thursday she stood up to be counted by analysts, investors and reporters.

According to the New York Times: "One thing became immediately apparent: if nothing else, Yahoo's leadership style had taken a 180-degree turn.

Bartz, reported the NYT, "delivered a short, sharp and at times combative speech".

Of the three questions she accepted from the floor, one was dismissed as "a lot of nonsense". She also  employed "a mild expletive" to insist that the baying pack [not her words] give Yahoo "breathing room".

The new ceo also made it crystal clear she has no patience with the unaccountable rat-pack of analysts, pundits and armchair-ceos who have been lavishing their advice on Yahoo as to how it should manage its affairs. Said Bartz: "That's going to stop."

With that, she left the meeting to get on with her Herculean task and to meet with Yahoo's senior executives and employees.

One of the rat-pack, RBC Capital Markets analyst Ross Sandler was impressed. "She sounds very decisive and very much in command, and that's what investors wanted to hear," he opined, while adding the rider, "none of this changes anything in terms of the challenges facing Yahoo".

Data sourced from New York Times; additional content by WARC staff