REDHILL, UK: Although it's not uncommon for new magazines to emulate the lifespan of a fruit fly, British youth weekly Popworld Pulp, whose debut issue hit the newsstands last week, broke all records for lack of longevity.

The first issue of the music title, associated with Channel 4's Popworld TV show, had an initial print run of 130,000 copies. At the end of its first (and last) week, 121,000 copies remained unsold - despite heavy promotion on radio, TV and the web.

Admits Darren Styles of publishers Brooklands Group: "The magazine has bombed in a way nobody connected with it could ever have envisaged.

"Every piece of research we did, every dummy we created and the concept in all its forms was fantastically received from first to last. The industry wanted it, the news trade wanted it, the market was there according to every group we asked.

"But come the acid test the readers were absent."

Data sourced from BBC Online (UK); additional content by WARC staff