Competition for Nielsen Media Research's audience sampling system is not restricted to the USA [21-Jul-04]. Now its Indian television audience measurement system faces the threat of a new speedier approach from Swiss electronics firm Telecontrol.

The new 'people meter' system does not require humans to collect data; instead electronic information on TV viewing is downloaded via cellphone technology to a central server. Hence the process can be completed overnight, compared with Nielsen's TAM system that takes a week.

The technology has been licensed to start-up Audience Measurement and Analytics, which intends to use it to measure TV viewing of 200 channels in the 48 million cable homes across India. And, if successful, it opens the way for measurement of other media such as cinema, online and newspaper exposure.

But it will take more than fancy technology to worry TAM. Claims ceo LV Krishnan: "We're not scared … we do much more than TV ratings."

AMA also has its work cut out in winning over India's TAM-loyal media planners.

Data sourced from: The Times of India; additional content by WARC staff