A new survey shows UK marketers are planning a hefty increase in the proportion of their budgets devoted to new media.

According to the Heads of Marketing Survey 2003 – conducted by NOP for communication management company Jaywing – 40% of companies are planning to raise their spend on email, text messaging (SMS), digital television and the internet this year at the expense of other media.

The shift was attributed to the downward pressure on marketing budgets, prompting marketers to look for more accountable and cost-effective methods of reaching consumers. Over 50% of respondents to the survey said they faced demands for improved direct marketing performance despite cuts in spend and workforce.

“New media has proven itself capable of delivering double-digit response rates consistently and at a far more competitive cost,” said Dave Moore of Jaywing’s sibling firm Scope. “That’s an attractive proposition, especially in a recessionary climate.”

Data sourced from: multiple sources; additional content by WARC staff