Life magazine, one of Time Inc's most celebrated and respected publications, is being resurrected this October. First published in 1936, Life acquired a worldwide reputation for superlative photo-journalism until it was finally killed by TV competition in 1968.

It will appear within the Friday editions of some of the top US newspapers, ahead of (and in direct competition with) Advance Publications' Parade Magazine and Gannett Company's USA Weekend, both mainly published on Sundays.

With an estimated circulation of twelve million, Life will appear in all Tribune Company newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times, as well as Knight Ridder's Miami Herald and Philadelphia Enquirer. However, KR's Detroit Free Press, which has ties with Life's soon-to-be rival Gannett, will not carry the magazine.

Time Inc is hoping for a good return on its rather modest investment of less than $20 million (€16.6m; £11m) in the launch.

Whilst its competitors reach a wider audience (Parade and USA Weekend's circulations top 35 and 23 million respectively), Life is taking a different approach.

Its proposed high-quality printing paper should appeal to a different breed of reader and advertiser alike. Says Life's president Andrew Blau, "we're going to be more careful about what kinds of ads we'll accept," in a bid to avoid direct-response and consumer-packaged-goods ads.

Data sourced from: The Wall Street Journal Online; additional content by WARC staff