African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans Asian-Americans and female-Americans are firmly fixed in the sights of General Motors as US car sales undergo double-digit falls [WAMN: 02-May-01].

The auto giant has created a new specialist marketing unit, the Center of Expertise on Diversity. It will focus on the female and multicultural markets, until now separately wooed by each of GM’s vehicle divisions and five regions.

The CED is headed by GM’s executive director of advertising and marketing strategy Judy Hu and executive director of sales support Michael Jackson. Their brief is to maximise strategic, integrated and co-ordinated marketing.

The new unit has some serious mileage to cover. In the period January-April 2001, GM’s vehicle sales fell by 9%, from 1.7 million units to 1.55m, with April sales down 16% year-on-year.

News source: Advertising Age - Daily Deadline