Timothy Muris – sworn in as chairman of the Federal Trade Commission on Monday – has announced his choices for the organisation’s senior posts.

In a memo released yesterday, Muris declared he would appoint J Howard Beals III as director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection. Beals – an economist by background and the first non-lawyer to take charge of the division – was second-in-command at the bureau in the 1980s, when Muris was its head. He has written in support of the market costs of regulation and gave his backing to R J Reynolds Tobacco against accusations by the FTC that the company was targeting children with its Joe Camel figure.

Another Muris appointee is Joe Simons, a lawyer, who will become the new director of the Bureau of Competition. Simons has been the bureau’s associate director and recently worked on behalf of the firms suing Microsoft.

Other appointments include David Scheffman as director of the Bureau of Economics and law professor Bill Kovacic, who will take the role of general counsel.

News source: Advertising Age - Daily Deadline