As reported in Thursday’s WAMN, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers yesterday confirmed its newly approved domain suffixes.

These will take effect by the end of June 2001 – a deliberately snail-like process as ICANN aims to iron-out potential technical problems as it goes along. Once the process is established, the body expects to add further new domains more rapidly.

The final list of seven suffixes was whittled down from two hundred requests. And the winners are …

.biz (for businesses)
.name (individuals)
.museum (museums)
.pro (professional organizations)
.aero (aviation)
.coop (co-operatives)
.info (general information)

Among the also-rans were geo, .web and .kids – the latter excluded because the board feared that some sites with that suffix could contain material more harmful than beneficial to children.

But until this week, ICANN’s self-appointed sovereignty in the kingdom of domain names was under legal challenge. Rival outfit Economic Solutions, argued that the net body had no right to set up a domain similar to the .bz (for Belize) name it owns and operates. However, a judge in St Louis, Missouri, denied the firm’s application for a restraining order.

News source: BBC Online Business News (UK)