NEW YORK: After a tsunami of comment – much of it facetious – WPP Group announced Tuesday that the name of its new joint agency venture with Dell Computer will not be branded Synarchy but the equally arcane Enfatico

Its derivation, says WPP, comes from a musical notation: it means playing each note with emphasis or emphatically.

Says the moniker's progenitor, global chief creative officer Ken Segall: "We believe Enfatico will become synonymous with a new standard for integrated marketing, insightful creativity and collaboration in the client-agency relationship." 

The Wiktionary, however, defines it as meaning both "emphatic" and "pompous."

The venture originally bore the codename Project DaVinci - which raises the obvious question – what's wrong with that? 

But all at Enfatico are now singing in harmony.

"As a next-generation agency with a diverse mix of marketing services and talent – all uniquely orchestrated to drive value for Dell and future clients – we believe Enfatico effectively captures what makes us distinct," hypes the shop's just-appointed ceo  Torrence Boone, who was poached from Publicis cybershop Digitas in May. 

New York-headquartered Enfatico currently employs around 600 staffers (of a forecast 1,000 total) with offices in three other US cities – plus  international offices in Beijing, Buenos Aires, Costa Rica, London, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto.

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff