A new agency network, 10 Worldwide, will be formally announced today. Despite the international implications of its name, the new shop will initially confine its activities to the US.

The three founding managing partners boast an impressive pedigree: Martin J Beck (57), a former top manager at Lighthouse Group, is 10 Worldwide’s chairman and chief executive; Rick Milenthal (41), chief executive at HMS Partners, is co-president and chief operating officer.

They are joined by Resource Marketing’s chief executive Nancy Kramer (45) – known for her innovative webcast fashion show for Victoria's Secret lingerie chain – who takes the role of co-president and CC3O. Her curious alpha-numeric suffix, which will puzzle the knowledgeable and impress the gullible, apparently stands for clients, creative and culture.

The 10 Worldwide branding? “It's 10 because 9.9 isn't good enough,” explained founder Milenthal, “and 10 stands for the perfect connection between brand and customer.”

Added founder Beck: “The idea is to build something that isn't just a holding company but to build something holistic that maximizes the marketing spending of clients with what is appropriate for them, so they get the best return on investment."

Initially, 10 Worldwide’s operating units will continue using their current names: HMS Hallmark; HMS Success, the public relations division; Motivo, digital division; and Resource Marketing. They currently employ almost four hundred staff at offices in Columbus; New York; Orlando and Tampa, Florida; and Pittsburgh.

But rapid growth and change are predicted: “We are in discussion with other entities and hope to announce additional partners in the next few weeks,” says Kramer. These are expected to include specialists in sectors such as retail strategy and design, and marketing strategy.

10 Worldwide’s current clientele, with aggregated billings of around $350 million plus, includes Deutsche Bank, Fidelity Investments, Ford Motor, Hewlett-Packard, the Hoover unit of Maytag and Sony.

News source: New York Times