Articles that concentrated on the relatively new discipline of neuromarketing were well-represented among the most-read Admap papers of 2013.

Neuroscience in practice: The definitive guide for marketers was the single most popular Admap article of the year. For more details about the most read papers on Warc in 2013 on other topics, visit our Most Read page.

In the number one paper, drawing on his experience of helping brands to improve performance by gaining insights from bio-sensory and neurological data, neuromarketing expert Thom Noble examined the various methods currently used for measuring non-articulated consumer responses.

After identifying the three main approaches – NeuroMetric, BioMetric and PsychoMetric – he went on to describe the techniques, their advantages and disadvantages, their usage and costs.

In other research into preconscious influences on consumer behaviour, Nichola Kent-Lemon's  Researching implicit memory: Get to the truth was the fourth most-read Admap article.

This paper looked at how traditional market research is seeking to understand "true" implicit consumer motivations through observation of behaviour and how emotion, including imagined responses to potential future outcomes, can affect the decision-making process.

Other topics that featured in the top five covered the influence of mobile devices on consumer behaviour, the role of luxury branding and how to gain business value from social media.

The future of shopper marketing: Connect with the Mobile Shopsumer by Ken Madden was the second most-read Admap piece of 2013 and it explained how mobile devices are changing the ways in which consumers research products, purchase them, and then share these purchases with their social networks.

Elsewhere, Luxury brand marketing: Making a luxury brand by Nir Wegrzyn of BrandOpus was the third most popular article and it outlined the key components that create a luxury brand, including price, differentiation, waiting lists, framing and irrationality.

Finally, in fifth place, The business return from social media by Erica Buckley of Edelman Digital urged marketers to adopt strategies that define business objectives with appropriate metrics, including traditional ones, to make the most of the opportunities presented by social media.

Data sourced from Warc