One of the globe's best known advertising slogans, ' Have a Break - Have a KitKat' is about to be consigned to the trashcan of history.

The venerable slogan was first coined in 1957 in the chocolate snack's first UK TV commercial. Since when the phrase has gained currency (in both senses of the word) across much of the world.

But marketers, like the rest of the human race, rarely learn the lessons of history -- for example Coca-Cola's disastrous decision back in the early 90s to tamper with the design of its iconic bottle.

Manufacturer Nestlé Rowntree explains that market research indicated that, while most consumers knew the slogan, it had little effect in persuading them to buy the product. It is not revealed, however, whether the high-tensile link between brand identity and the slogan was probed in depth -- or at all.

According to a stone-faced spokeswoman for Nestlé Rowntree: "We are introducing a new advertising campaign … [which] reinforces KitKat's ownership of key snacking occasions, and offers consumers a fresh reason to buy the brand for these occasions."

Yum, yum!

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