The world’s largest food and beverage company, Swiss-headquartered Nestlé, today breaks a $30 million (E35.2m) global advertising campaign for instant coffee brand Nescafé.

Specifically targeting the 16-24-year age group, the campaign is based on discussions with some eight hundred teenagers attending focus groups in McCann-Erickson WorldGroup offices from Australia to Zaire. The only nation to be excluded from the promotional blitzkreig is the USA, where Nescafé trails Nestle's other instant-coffee, Taster's Choice.

Using a media mix that includes TV, radio, posters and the web, the brand is portrayed as enhancing the three traditional pleasures of youth - sex, sex and sex.

Against a soundtrack featuring a sultry chanteuse, the visual images focus on evocative "coffee moments", among them a pink bra hanging from a swaying white ceiling fan; a close-up of a young man whispering in a young woman's ear; and an expired parking meter. All sign-off with the tagline: ‘Nescafe. One thing leads to another.’

Says Nestlé global head of coffee and beverages Olle Tegstam: “The coffee category has been very bad at recruiting young consumers over the years. But everything we've seen indicates that this is a good time to be recruiting more young people

Marcio Moreira, chief creative officer of McCann-Erickson WorldGroup adds: “The ads let you decide why someone has overstayed and let the parking meter run out. But the key thing is that Nescafé is how it started."

News source: Wall Street Journal