NEW YORK: A campaign by Hamburg's Grabarz & Partner for EXIT-Deutschland that turned a neo-Nazi march into a fund-raising walk for its opponents has won the Grand Trophy at the annual AME Awards.

The AME Awards for advertising and marketing effectiveness honours international work that demonstrates ground-breaking solutions to challenging marketing problems. Warc subscribers can read a selection of the winners.

With Nazis against Nazis – Germany's most involuntary charity walk, the agency effectively tricked a group of neo-Nazis into generating cash for an organisation that campaigns against them.

Faced with a choice of not marching through the town of Wunsiedel or marching and raising money for their opponents, the neo-Nazis marched and raised €10,000. In addition to these funds, the campaign reached 24m people in Germany through earned media, via TV and print, with zero media spend and just €5,000 invested in the campaign elements.

Below the Grand Trophy were two Platinum winners, including an Egyptian campaign for PepsiCo's launch of Sting, an affordable energy drink positioned in opposition to expensive, imported brands as the drink for the extreme sport of Everyday Egyptian Life.

A year after launching, Sting grew the Egyptian energy drinks market by 1400% and established itself as the market leader with over 60% market share.

The other Platinum winner was #MyFamilyCan, a campaign for Australian tinned fruit brand SPC, which leveraged labelling to address concerns about a hepatitis outbreak while simultaneously promoting the output of Australian farmers.

This year's shortlist of 103 were dominated by entries from Germany (40) and the USA (27); none of the other 13 countries represented made it into double figures.

Data sourced from AME Awards; additional content by Warc staff