London communications strategy agency Naked is to open an office in New York.

The iconoclastic shop, which prides itself on selling ideas rather than 30-second TV spots, has enticed Media Kitchen ceo Paul Woolmington and Ogilvy & Mather senior partner M T Carney to run its stateside show.

The new office will open its doors early in 2006 and work on strategic planning for the Coca-Cola Company's Minute-Maid brand and Nokia.

Naked's philosophy, since its inception in 1999, goes beyond the exploitation of its memorable moniker. Solutions, says the shop, may not always include anything that falls under the traditional domain of advertising or marketing.

Says founder John Harlow: "Naked is about total planning - the fusion of consumer and brand insights with an understanding of the channels that link brands to consumers."

The agency is optimistic that less "risk averse" clients in the US will embrace Naked's concepts.

Comments Woolmington: "I think 2006 is going to be a crossroads year in our industry because you'll have tipping points for technology innovation, client dissatisfaction and pressure on P&Ls. All of that's a melting pot for different thinking."

Data sourced from AdAge (USA); additional content by WARC staff