HONG KONG: The New York Times (NYT) is opening an office in Hong Kong for its brand marketing content agency, T Brand Studio, to serve new and existing clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

The publisher announced in a statement that the new team in Hong Kong will consist of content strategists, producers, editors and designers under the supervision of Raquel Bubar, who has been in charge of T Brand's London branch since 2015.

Joining her will be content strategist Reno Ong, producer Clara Lim, editor Jason Li and a local designer, who has yet to be hired.

"With the opening of our Hong Kong studio, we're able to work closely with our partners in the Asia-Pacific region to help them create the kind of productions that T Brand Studio is known for all over the world," said Sebastian Tomich, NYT's SVP of Advertising and Innovation.

"We have hired some of the best creative talent in the region and equipped them with the tools, technology and resources they need to tell brand stories in any format or medium, both on and off Times platforms," he added.

The initiative means that NYT's marketing content operation will be closer to hand for brands in Asia-Pacific and, coupled with its association with NYT's journalistic reputation that stretches back to 1851, it also raises the level of competition to established content marketers in the region.

"We take a New York Times journalistic approach to the quality content that we make, so we're always looking first at what is the story that we want to tell before we think about the method," explained T Brand's Raquel Bubar in comments to Campaign Asia.

"We think about what is the message that we want to say before we think whether there is going to be a video or an infographic. That's so true to how the newsroom does it and we can only hope to do the same kind of quality content."

T Brand Studio has already worked with some clients in Asia, such as the Embassy of Japan and Vietnamese ceramics maker Minh Long Co. Ltd, but Bubur said there are others in the pipeline.

"What they see about T Brand that maybe they are not seeing from other publishers is the kind of high quality content that we produce," she said.

Data sourced from New York Times, Campaign Asia; additional content by WARC Staff