Keen to remove all taints of its overstated circulations crime [13-Jul-04], the Tribune Company's Newsday newspaper has offered advertisers an olive branch in the form of reduced advertising rates for the next sixteen months.

Should circulation of the Long Island and New York City newspaper fall below 525,000 daily and 575,000 Sunday copies, Newsday will even pay rebates, according to new publisher Timothy Knight.

Negotiations continue into the circulation scandal, with meetings scheduled next week between Newsday and advertisers affected by the false claims during 2001-2004.

Newsday's Stu Vincent, however, is hopeful that the awkward issue will be resolved following the paper's latest gesture, which he describes as: "an extraordinary solution to a unique situation at the newspaper - including a reliable minimum circulation base that advertisers can depend on through 2005."

Data sourced from: New York Times; additional content by WARC staff