BP Amoco’s new global rebranding [WAMN, 14-Jul-00] launches today, part of a worldwide programme to consolidate all the acquisitions made during the past two years.

Now known just as BP, the brand includes under one umbrella its US-based acquisitions, the former Amoco and Atlantic Richfield oil companies, alongside last year’s British buy, Burmah Castrol. The latter will remain a globally available forecourt brand, whereas Amoco and Arco will maintain their brand presences only in the United States.

BP has decided not to embark on a costly simultaneous conversion programme. Instead, it will phase the rebranding of its 28,000 retail sites worldwide over the next four years, with existing retail sites being refurbished in line with their normal schedule.

Along with most of the multinational oil giants, BP is also actively piloting ways in which e-commerce techniques and services can be used to enhance the consumer appeal and usefulness of its service stations.

News source: Financial Times