A NEW SURVEY by Yahoo! UK paints a picture of the average net-surfer very different to the popular image. In what is claimed as the most comprehensive survey of its kind yet conducted, 4,773 Yahoo! users were polled about their Web habits and personal background. In the main, they turn out to be affluent, professional, family people who lead active lives and are most likely to read The Times. Most (85%) are males between 24-34 with an average income of around £75,000. Says Iain Osbourne, marketing director of Yahoo! Europe: 'We also know that they use mobile phones, regularly eat out and go out to the cinema ... they are voracious readers and seem to be well educated.' The sample was recruited by using a banner ad on the site just before Easter: 3,515 people responded in brief and in May a further 1,258 answered in greater detail. Similar questions were also asked of respondents in France and Germany. [The questionnaire and full report is available on redsquare.co.uk/question.htm ]