NEW YORK: Here's a phrase that'll resonate with most baby boomers, evoking memories of the purported golden age of TV ... "And now a word from our sponsor…"

NBC is ready to echo those historic words in the hope of reviving the halcyon days when the eleventh commandment was that ad dollars rained into the coffers of TV companies as of divine right.

At a presentation yesterday (Wednesday), senior NBC executives told advertisers and agencies that it no longer seeks to sell them 30-second ad slots. Instead it hopes to convert them into long-term partners, the magic incantation for which happy state is 'sponsorship'.

NBC's hucksters cited an example of the sponsorship revival: a newly done deal with the Liberty Mutual Group insurance company that centers around a duplet of two-hour TV movies that will air under the banner Liberty Mutual Presents ….

Both will be specially produced for Liberty which will have script approval, while the movies' ethos  will align with their sponsor's current ad campaign theme: "Responsibility. What's your policy?"

Both sponsor and broadcasters, however, were zip-lipped about the terms of the deal.

Data sourced from New York Times; additional content by WARC staff