NEW YORK: Hispanic consumers are more likely to talk about brands than other groups of US shoppers, making them a potentially valuable target for marketers seeking to drive word of mouth.

Ed Keller, chief executive of market-research firm The Keller Fay Group, discussed this topic in a webinar held by the company in conjunction with broadcast network Univision.

And he reported that Americans talk about goods and services fully 2.3 billion times each day, with Hispanic consumers punching above their collective weight on this measure.

"Twenty-one percent of those word-of-mouth brand impressions come from Hispanics," said Keller. (For more, including further insights about this audience, read Warc's exclusive report: How Hispanic consumers drive word of mouth.)

"This is especially impressive when you know that Hispanics only make up about 17% of the population. So they definitely over-index. And it is the demographic group that is most actively engaged in word of mouth."

By way of example, the average Hispanic shopper mentions 83 brands every week, compared with a total of 63 for other demographics.

That figure ticks upwards to 85 for bilingual consumers and 96 for individuals primarily speaking Spanish.

And this trend holds true for millennials, too. More specifically, the Hispanic members of the 18-34-year-old age bracket typically reference 94 products every seven days, beating a norm of 79 for their peers.

Keller Fay's statistics were based on data from 37,000 people gathered in a 12-month period, during which time they had over 370,000 conversations concerning brands.

Drawing on these numbers, Keller suggested that advertising is a particularly influential factor in fuelling word of mouth among Hispanics – as exemplified by brand messages on smartphones.

"Hispanics talk more about ads than non-Hispanics," he said. "Hispanics are highly mobile, so notice that they talk about mobile ads 49% more than non-Hispanics.

"They are also more engaged in word of mouth about TV ads and digital ads, so clearly your paid media has a very significant opportunity to help drive word of mouth."

Data sourced from Warc