Several hundred jobs are expected to disappear at NewsCorp-owned websites within the next few weeks. Among those affected are, Fox and; insiders also predict that the New York office of News Digital Media, Newscorp’s internet division, will close within two months.

The jobs will vanish via a mix of firings and attrition at the sites’ offices in New York and Los Angeles. According to News Digital Media president Jon Richmond, it is “very hard to speculate how many positions will be eliminated,” but insiders believe that the sacrifices to Moloch Murdoch will save NewsCorp “tens of millions of dollars” annually.

However, some online staff will be transferred to Fox News Channel, Fox Sports Channel and Fox Television, said Richmond. "What we are trying to do is shift the production and news-gathering operations back to the operating organizations where we can achieve economies through integration,” he explained. "What we are doing is restructuring in a way that it probably should have been structured originally."

The latest bout of bloodletting follows a similar cull in October, when News Digital Media dismissed some 20% of its New York news staff and told almost all its sports staffers to move to Los Angeles or lose their jobs.

News source: New York Times