NEW DELHI: Advertisers will increasingly have to adopt multimedia marketing solutions to effectively reach consumers in India, research from IBM, the consultancy, has revealed.

A recent poll conducted by IBM Global Business Services in the Asian nation found that around half of its younger respondents are now watching less television and spending more time online.

Many of their older counterparts are also likely to follow suit in due course, as media literacy levels improve, and as the available technology becomes better suited to their needs.

Saul J Berman, a global lead partner at the consultancy, argued "consumers' eyeballs are constantly roving as they are interacting with varied media channels."

"Over time, the majority population is bound to shift to digital media. The more mature customer is likely to shift only once it becomes user-friendly."

Further analysis from the US firm revealed that 64% of Indians would like to see more targeted advertising and be willing to provide marketers with the relevant information to make this a reality.

Berman suggested this constituted a "big opportunity" for brands, as the data derived from these platforms will allow them to offer personalised forms of communication.

More broadly, new media is now playing a more prominent role in driving awareness levels and other key metrics, requiring companies to take a nuanced approach in order to engage their target audience.

"We found that the growth was being driven by interactive media as opposed to traditional TV advertising ... Media and brands may have to continue advertising through both mediums at the same time," said Berman.

"When they have the capabilities in place and the analytics to back it, there will surely be big shifts of marketing budgets from offline to online media."

Data sourced from Economic Times; additional content by Warc staff