SINGAPORE: Mobile media consumption is growing and mobile web users in New Zealand, Australia and Japan are above the global average in their multi-screen activity, a new survey has found.

InMobi, the mobile advertising network, surveyed 15,000 mobile web users across 14 markets to gain an insight into the ways in which consumers engage with content across multiple screens.

The study revealed that, overall, 62% of mobile web users indulged in multi-screen activities while viewing TV. Social media was the most widespread alternative, with 48% of respondents getting involved in this activity.

Among the other activities being undertaken were instant messaging, mentioned by 46%, playing games or listening to music, referred to by 30%, and looking for information about products seen on TV, named by 18%.

Some 70% of mobile web users in New Zealand took part in multi-screening, ahead of Australia, on 64%, and Japan, on 63%.

Other APAC countries surveyed were further down the list. India registered 58% for multi-screening activity, ahead of Singapore, on 56%, and China, on 54%.

Korea was the least likely of any of the countries examined to engage in multi-screening, with just 50% of mobile web users doing so.

In addition, mobile was found to rank first in media consumption among mobile web users, ahead of online/PC content and television.

Mobile media consumption, at 108 minutes, accounted for 26% of the near seven hours of media consumed per day.

Online/PC media consumption was marginally ahead of television – 93 minutes versus 92 minutes – with these two each taking up around 22% of media consumption time.

Radio followed on 12 minutes, then tablets with nine minutes and magazines with eight minutes.

The research also found that 75% of respondents had discovered something new about a product via their mobile device and 45% said mobile had influenced their in-store purchase behaviour.

There was, said Shrikant Latkar, VP of Global Marketing at InMobi, "a valuable opportunity for marketers to connect with television viewers through mobile devices".

"We believe that marketers can significantly increase engagement time and interaction if they implement savvy multi-screen strategies," he added.

Data sourced from InMobi, PR Newswire; additional content by Warc staff