NEW YORK: Motorola, the telecoms brand, has shown how programmatic advertising can successfully be integrated into campaigns that are seeking to launch new products.

Beth Reilly, Head of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Motorola Mobility – a unit of Lenovo – spoke about this topic at the recent Programmatic Summit.

More specifically, she discussed the US introduction of the Moto Z handset, an offering launched through an exclusive tie-up with Verizon.

A full 70% of its budget was allocated to digital, of which 30% went towards programmatic. And partners including Google, The Trade Desk and Adelphic assisted in activating this automated advertising play.

"We used the data that we have, combined it with what little data Verizon gave us, along with third-party data and contextual retargeting, and then ran it through open exchange and private marketplace deals," said Reilly. (For more details, read Warc's exclusive report: How Motorola used programmatic to launch its Moto Z handset.)

Partnerships with CBS Sports, CNET and Live Nation fed into the programmatic play – and were motivated by a desire to add further strategic nuance to the campaign.

"The reason we did that outside of programmatic [systems] was because we could negotiate content for them to develop that was included with our buy. And that content could then be served up in our programmatic solution," said Reilly.

A "war room" was established to power the marketing program for the Moto Z, while daily meetings assessed the latest insights, and the launch campaign was optimised on a week-by-week basis.

"We went through and identified what the programmatic key moment was – what the strategy was, what format the creative was going to take, the goal and the KPIs – so that when we sat down in those 'war room' meetings, we could go through and decide what's working and what's not," said Reilly.

And while programmatic is often perceived as drawing its effectiveness from smart media buying, Reilly suggested that creativity must be a central component, too.

"Content is just such an important part of this, you have to have enough and the right amount and the right messages," she asserted.

"It's really important to remember that if you're going to be doing programmatic, you can't just have one creative campaign, one theme."

Data sourced from AData sourced from WARC