Ad agency Mother has been handed creative duties for UK national Sunday newspaper The Observer, ousting Ogilvy & Mather, who did not take part in the review.

Four other agencies pitched for the duties – Leagas Delaney, Malcolm Moore Deakin Blayze, Fallon and M&C Saatchi.

The title has enjoyed a rising circulation of late, up 8.46% year-on-year to 472,711 in the six months to October. “The brief The Observer gave us is hard to beat with the paper enjoying such a resurgence of late,” declared Mother partner Stef Calcraft. “Our task is to capitalise on this and continue to re-establish the paper’s rightful place on Sunday.”

However, there will be no big branding push, according to Marc Sands, marketing director at the title’s owner Guardian Newspapers, with The Observer’s £8.5 million marketing budget being used on one-off stunts and promotions for the newspaper’s supplements.

“We won’t be doing a branding campaign because they are a complete waste of time and money within newspapers,” he said, adding that he had “incredibly ambitious” targets for the paper.

Mother’s recent work includes the popular campaign for ITV Digital featuring a puppet monkey.

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