NEW YORK: Mondelez International, the snack foods giant, is looking to partner with a range of content producers, including Fox and Buzzfeed, as it seeks to make "content that's good enough to make money".

An early highlight of this approach will be an hour-long skydiving special on Fox, featuring the live broadcast of a 25,000-foot jump without a parachute, which will promote new Stride chewing gum flavours, Advertising Age reported.

"It's become more expensive than ever before to actually reach the same amount of people," observed Laura Henderson, global head of content & media monetisation at Mondelez, as she mused on media fragmentation and audience empowerment.

"Advertising isn't any longer an assumed part of that equation," she added. "We really saw an opportunity to define a new model that would help us move into the future.

"If we're successful in this endeavour, it means that we will be able to actually reinvest some of this money back into our brands."

Unlike PepsiCo, which recently launched its own Creators League unit and brought a significant amount of content production in-house, Mondelez intends to stick to working with content producers.

"We think that the content game is a really hard one and so we're focused on partnering with those who are best equipped to understand their audience (and) communicate in a compelling way," said Henderson.

"So this is just about really working differently with media platforms, with agencies, with other brands outside of Mondelez, to unlock more value for everybody."

It will also involve experimenting with a variety of formats. Henderson was enthusiastic about working with Fox as the broadcaster has "done interesting things in the live space".

"I think they're very focused on what the future of advertising looks like in a world where interruptive advertising is not the only currency," she said.

Data sourced from Advertising Age; additional content by Warc staff