MUMBAI: Mondelez, the snack foods giant, is planning to export digital media insights gleaned in India to the rest of the world, a leading executive has said.

Bonin Bough, vp global digital and consumer engagement, told FirstPost that a successful social media campaign for Cadbury's Dairy Milk during the 2013 India Premier League would be replicated in other markets.

The "Shubh Aarambh League" had used hashtag-driven commercials, with a "war room" being set up to interact in real time with consumers on Twitter.

"When we do those kind of programs we see almost two times the effectiveness of the TV slot," said Bough.

He explained that while it was difficult to assess the effect of a single tweet it was far easier to look at how that tweet affected the bigger investment, "so we've flipped the measurement criteria".

Mondelez was now using Twitter to make TV work harder. "We've exported that Twitter-TV model and taken it global," he stated.

And, conversely, overseas executions were being adapted for the Indian market. Oreo's Daily Twist – 100 ads in 100 days reflecting the daily news agenda – was reinvented for India as Daily Dunks.

Bough described the work involved as something that "helps begin to build the muscle memory necessary to do social media and operate in real time" by forcing marketers to learn the processes involved, and to set in place approval and creative procedures.

He also highlighted the huge gap between where consumers were consuming media and where brands were investing (24% of time spent on mobile but just 1% of investment went there).

"Organisations just have to be brave at some level," he said, praising the Cadbury India team for taking that step. And "they've done it in structured way so they can learn", he added.

Bough was evangelical about mobile, particularly as it affected the many impulse-purchase products sold by Mondelez. "If I target you outside store I can drive almost 10% lift," he said. "If I target you in the aisle, or actually in store, we see anywhere from 20% to 30% lift in purchase."

Data sourced from FirstPost; additional content by Warc staff