NEW DELHI: A majority of Indian consumers regard their mobile phone as something "they could not live without", while DVRs are also gaining in popularity in the rapidly-growing market, a new survey has found.

According to the study of 250 DVR owners in India, produced by Media Partners Asia Consumer Research on behalf of NDS, 77% of respondents regarded this device as the most important household technology item they possessed.

This compared with 94% who accorded such a status to their cellphone, and 60% who considered a personal computer to be the most essential piece of consumer electronics equipment.

Just 48% thought a landline phone was similarly vital, while 19% agreed with this statement when it came to a games console, and 16% for the iPod, the music player produced by Apple.

Some 88% of the panel said they enjoyed watching television more since acquiring their digital video recorder, while 64% were of the opinion they now viewed more interesting shows.

Consumers who owned DVRs were found to watch an average of 4.2 hours of TV a day, comprised of 2.9 hours of "live" broadcast content, and 1.3 hours of material which was played back after its original transmission.

The total viewing time rose to 4.3 hours for women, compared with 4.1 hours among men, with people in their twenties and thirties consuming between five and seven hours of programming a day, and more than 40% of people in their 60s devoting more than seven hours to this activity on a daily basis.
Some 22% of the sample already owned more than one DVR, and, of those who did not, a further 31% agreed they would consider purchasing a second such device in the future.

The main products in this category in India at present include Tata Sky+ and the Hathway Digital Box Plus Recorder.

Data sourced from NDS; additional content by Warc staff