BERLIN: A majority of consumers in Germany who are most engaged with the mobile web have a favourable view of advertising on this medium, a study has found.

YOC, the mobile network, surveyed 876 people that regularly log on to the internet through a cellphone, and discovered 88% do so at least once a day, while a similar number had downloaded apps.

Over 75% of the panel primarily used this channel to surf the net, with 86% frequently visiting search engines like Google, and a further 48% accessing social media services such as Facebook and StudiVZ.

Elsewhere, 54% of participants reported their handset enjoyed a primary status in professional as well as personal activities.

Turning to advertising, 83% of respondents had noticed brand communications on this platform, and 64% held a largely positive opinion regarding these marketing efforts.

This was particularly the case when the respndents were exposed to ads could be exchange for other benefits, like a reduction in data costs.

More broadly, 57% of the sample had purchased something via a mobile commerce site, and 40% believed this format would play a key role in making payments and banking going forward.

Geo-location and navigation tools have also been utilised by three-quarters of individuals polled, indicating another possible route for marketers to connect with shoppers.

Data sourced from YOC; additional content by Warc staff