BERLIN: Mobile internet usage is rising rapidly in Germany, with consumers increasingly utilising this medium to research products, access social networks and buy goods and services.

TNS, the research firm, surveyed 1,322 adults, and found 26% of respondents use the web or email services on their mobile phone, an improvement from 21% in 2010.

Uptake hit 40% among 14-29 year olds, a ten-point annual lift, measured against 23% penetration for 30-49 year olds, and 16% uptake for 50-64 year olds, with growth rates in low single digits for the latter two groups.

Within the 22% of contributors who actively use the mobile web, 68% go online to access email, 37% track down product information, 34% read newspaper content and 31% log on to social networks.

A further 29% of this audience watch video clips, 27% buy items, 24% utilise instant messaging and chat services, 22% visit forums and 21% listen to the radio.

Rising smartphone sales have encouraged these trends, with 19% of the sample currently owning a device like the iPhone, and 14% possessing a flat-rate data plan.

Elsewhere, tablets, like the iPad, have been purchased by 2% of the panel to date, although it is anticipated this figure will increase quickly going forward.

Overall, however, more traditional activities still predominate, with 100% of participants using their phones to make calls, and 88% at least occasionally sending text messages.

Data sourced from TNS; additional content by Warc staff