PARIS: Mobile web use is rising in France, both in terms of overall uptake and engagement levels with this medium, new figures show.

Médiamétrie, the research group, reported that 20.4m people accessed the internet through a mobile app or browser in July, compared with 18.7m a year earlier.

On average, consumers participating in this activity spent three hours and 55 minutes utilising this channel, an increase of nine minutes month on month.

Similarly, application usage climbed from 96 sessions per person in June to 102 sessions in July, indicating that engagement is growing across the board.

More specifically, an 89.6% share of the connected community logged on to at least one website via a browser, and 69.4% did so through an app.

Google, the search engine, secured the most visitors overall, on 15.3m, ahead of Facebook, the social network, on 13.8m, and YouTube, the video-sharing platform, on 8.6m.

Turning to applications, Google again held the lead, with 10.1m people accessing its site in this way. YouTube claimed second here on 8.8m, followed by iTunes, Apple's music service, on 7.9m.

Data sourced from Médiamétrie; additional content by Warc staff