BERLIN: Nearly one in five German consumers now accesses the internet from a mobile phone, and more than one in ten does so using a tablet, new figures show.

BVDW, the trade body, stated that 19% of 1,012 people surveyed went online via a mobile phone at least once a week. This figure had grown from 7% in 2011, and equated to 13.7m people nationwide.

Scores on this metric were highest for 16–24 year olds, on  36%, and 25–34 year olds, on 35%. Totals declined to 21% for 35–54 year olds, and to 7% for respondents of 55 years and above.

Currently, a 60% majority of German consumers possess an internet-enabled mobile phone, and 44% have a smartphone.

Of this overall group, fully 63% sent and read emails on these gadgets, while 50% used apps and accessed the web through a mobile browser. An additional 47% visited social networks.

Elsewhere, some 8.2m people, or 12% of the population, went online through a tablet. Uptake again peaked with 16–24 year olds on 20%, followed by 35–44 year olds on 18%.

In terms of gender, it was found that 12% of women engaged in this pastime, ahead of 11% of men. By contrast, a 23% share of males did so from a mobile phone, a statement holding true for 16% of females.

Upon discussing simultaneous media use, the analysis revealed that 49% of Germans watched television and browsed the web concurrently.

At present, personal computers remain the primary medium for accessing the web while enjoying TV shows, mentioned by 41% of those polled, with mobile phones on 9% and tablets on 7%.

When looking at mobile marketing more broadly, location-based services and vouchers were of interest to 58% of contributors, with branded mobile apps on 32% and QR codes on 22%.

"High quality content, as well as simple and affordable data plans, will encourage people to use the mobile internet even more," said Oliver won Wersch, of BVDW. "Due to the increasing usage of this medium, mobile advertising is also of greater importance."

Data sourced from BVDW; additional content by Warc staff