BERLIN: Growing numbers of German consumers are displaying enthusiasm for the mobile internet, new figures show.

BVDW, the trade association, and YouGov, the research firm, surveyed 1,142 people aged at least 16 years old to discover emerging attitudes in this area.

Exactly 33% of the panel expressed an interest in accessing the internet from a mobile phone wherever and whenever they chose.

Such a total constituted an improvement of 12 percentage points measured against that registered in an equivalent study from 2008.

The increase recorded on this metric peaked among female participants, logging 31% in the most recent round of analysis, compared with 16% three years ago.

Ratings reached 65% for 16-24 year olds, falling to 47% for their 25-34 year old counterparts, and 17% for those aged 55 years old or above.

The study suggested this parallels the situation five years ago in relation to using the web on a personal computer, a gap which has moderated noticeably since.

Regional differences also exist, while 54% of individuals questioned in Hamburg demonstrated interest in the wireless internet, figures slipped to 38% in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Income levels exerted a similar impact, as 49% of respondents earning more than €4,000 a month proved keen, standing at 35% for consumers collecting between €2,500 and €4,000.

For those claiming monthly salaries of below €2,500, returns stood at just 27%.

Previous research from the BVDW and Google found that around 12m subscribers in Germany access the web on their phone, equating to 18% of the adult population.

Data sourced from BVDW; additional content by Warc staff