Mobile's transformative impact everywhere from online retail to the automotive industry was reflected in the highly diverse list of the most-viewed Warc articles covering this channel.

The top Warc mobile paper for the year, in terms of total views, was a piece outlining the impact of smartphones on physical retail. It asserted that brands must "synchronise" (create mobile experiences covering the entire path to purchase), vaporise (reach consumers in set times and places) and "reorganise" (allow purchases during the whole consumer journey).

In second spot on the top mobile paper rankings was a  rundown of the major trends to emerge from the Mobile World Congress 2013, a list that included the growing role of these devices everywhere from restaurants to cars to the living room.

Third place went to a survey conducted by Warc and the Festival of Media Asia, which found that 66% of agencies in the region had only "a few" or "hardly any" clients leveraging mobile marketing at present.

Following next was a report from Advertising Week Europe 2013 incorporating insights from Yahoo as to how tablets are transforming ecommerce and Google's view that the smartphone is "the modern cigarette".

Google also featured in the fifth most-downloaded piece of the year relating to mobile, arguing that brands must focus on utility and take a "people-first" philosophy.

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Data sourced from Warc